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Biological Engineering Research and Review

an official Journal of the SB Publications (a unit of Shanti Braj Educational & Welfare Society)

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About Shanti Braj Educational & Welfare Society


The Shanti Braj Educational & Welfare Society, established at Patna in 2010 by Shri Brajnandan Pandey (Rtd. Teacher) with vision to facilitate and nurture sustainable interdependent development of underserved children and communities in complex situations through education and social empowerment for leadership development in all spheres of work and life in India.

  • 2010- Magadh Public School
  • 2013- Vocational Training Center
  • 2014- JBERR Journal

Board of Management



Brajnandan Pandey  (Rtd. Teacher)        


Mahesh pandey (Rtd. Govt. Emp.)        


Ratan Shila Kumari   (Teacher)                         Members:                      

Vivekanand Trivedi (Social Worker)

Ranjana Rani  (Social Worker)

Ashok kumar Pandey (Social Worker)    

Renu  Bala (Lecturer)                     

Associate members:     

Gaurav Kumar (Asst. Prof.)

Nanak Sharan das (Social Worker)  

Jai prakash pandey   (Social Worker)      

Gokhulanand pandey (Social Worker)    

What we do


There are over 1100 million people in India. It will soon be the most populated country on earth. The economy is developing rapidly but many people are being left behind. In Bihar, there are many who are unable to read or write.  Indeed, illiteracy rates are amongst the highest in India. Many children, often due to poverty, do not attend school.  Without an education, they have little hope of a future. The Shanti Braj Educational & Welfare Society started Magadh Public School recognized by the Government of Bihar. Magadh Public School, Surbhi Vihar is one of the most prestigious schools in Patna, Bihar. Founded as a Public School in 2010 in Patna, it is a private institution run by the Shanti Braj Educational and welfare Society. It draws boys from various parts of the city from different walks of life. The school offers a rich variety of activities and opportunities for a multidimensional growth, making a MPSian an amiable and affable person. Magadh Public School follows Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) pattern. The majority of children pay very modest fees which pay for the salaries of the teachers. However, those unable to pay receive free education, uniform and transport. Without Magadh Public School, many of these children would miss out on an education


Vocational Training

Shanti Braj Educational and welfare Society aims to provide young people with the skills and knowledge needed for their future. Shanti Braj Educational and welfare Society provides free of cost training each year for young women to learn practical tailoring and handicraft skills which enable them to work from home and to support their families.  



The Journal of Biological Engineering Research and Review (JBERR) is a Semi-annually published, open access, peer-reviewed, online Publication of "Shanti Braj Educational & Welfare Society” started in 9th May 2014. The aim of JBERR is to serve as a means for updating the scientific knowledge of the International Researcher in the pharmaceutical and Biomedical forum. The goal of this journal is to keep a record of the state-of-the-art research and to promote study, research and improvement within its various specialties. JBERR is dedicated to propagate quality learning and disseminate information to all. With the specific focus on quality learning and disseminating information in the field of biological engineering and technology the journal aims to publish high quality – papers that would be the interest for all including educators, researchers and practitioners. The journals is expected to be informative and practical oriented that would elaborate on the methods and techniques and goals of the research. All manuscripts submitted to JBERR must be previously unpublished and may not be considered for publication elsewhere.


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